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Trackster connects music-makers to investors, lenders, partners.
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Labels powered by Trackster

Area 13

The Record Shop

Suave G

Active Light

Angela Pagliero

Song Releases

Take Me Home

Angela Pagliero

Strange Cargo

Brian Holtz

One For You

MzLady Zea

Dance Champa'

Victor Samalot

You're Outta My Head

Newall & the Gang

Take Me Home

Angela Pagliero

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A Total Solution


Leading cloud platform – Your own private version. Collaborate with anyone, anywhere. Mobile. Cloud storage. Payment services.

Your business partner - Technology, analytics, operational support, project management, legal, distribution, accounting.

Global distribution - Instant access to all leading streaming platforms (e.g. Spotify, Apple Music).

Making Music

Jeff Eden of Studio 8

Emerging artist Angela

Take me home
(Artist home recording)

Take me home
(After Trackster)



"Trackster really simplifies how I help artists take an idea and make it a reality."

Jeff Eden - Studio 8

"Trackster took my pretty little home recording and made it beautiful, timeless, complete."

Angela - Artist, songwriter

What the Pros say

"I’ve tried every internet collaboration platform and they all suck. But yours doesn't."

Paula Jones Hanson
Multi-Platinum Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Remixer

"They've knocked down the walls by providing a seamless system for music creation and distribution that helps everyone win!"

Sean Giovanni
Owner The Record Shop, Nashville

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